• Country House Prototype

  • In Progress
  • Hudson Highlands Reserve (HHR) is a proposed 25-unit residential conservation subdivision designed to put sustainable living concepts like green construction and energy efficiency into practice while showing deference to the surrounding environment.

    Situated on one-acre lots, the homes will incorporate local materials and aesthetics, as well as modern amenities that are in keeping with contemporary life. The development centers on an equestrian facility complete with a clubhouse, paddocks, and 27 double-size stalls for year-round boarding. An articulated concrete roof structure utilizes natural light as the central design, and the building is sited to afford views of a wooded cliff.

    The 25 detached single-dwelling residential units will follow Rural Residential zoning guidelines to maintain the natural beauty of the region. Exterior cladding reflects the area’s forests, and each home strikes a balance between modernity and context. The Fractal Group will pursue LEED Platinum certification for new construction and aim for zero-net energy use while still preserving contemporary conveniences.